Tips for Finding an Emergency Plumber

Tips for Finding an Emergency Plumber

A plumbing emergency can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, be it the middle of the night or on holiday weekends. Find your socks soaking up water from a burst pipe while groggily entering the bathroom in the middle of the night, calling the first emergency plumber you can find can be really tempting. Shut off the main valve and look for a plumber. Here’s how to avoid bad experiences when you need urgent plumbing.

Confirm Availability

When looking for a plumber in the middle of an emergency, ask them if they are available and are not occupied with another project. If they are available make sure to check if they serve your area and how long will it take for them to reach your site.

Validate License

After you’ve compiled a list of qualified plumbers, verify that each of the plumbers has a valid license to work. Do a background check, and test the candidate for general plumbing knowledge, verifying their license status will confirm that your plumber is properly certified and satisfies the standards to conduct the task.

Sufficient Insurance

It’s always a good idea to be ready for the worse. A professional plumber or plumbing service agency should have appropriate liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  Just in case something goes wrong on their end, you don’t want to be responsible for the property damage expenses, right? A reputable firm will always provide insurance to cover any potential work-related damages. Check to see if their plumbers are covered by insurance. When looking for emergency plumbing services, insurance coverage is an important factor to consider.

Ask For An Estimate

Some plumbers charge their fees on an hourly basis, for which the client should ask about the hourly rates before hiring them, while others charge according to the nature of the plumbing jobs. They may ask to inspect the client’s site before quoting the estimated price and may charge extra for an emergency plumbing service in the dead of night. Also, ask about the cost of replacement parts that are needed for the job.

Time Required

As the service of an emergency plumber is available throughout all days and nights, it is better to hire only the local professionals who will be able to reach you promptly after receiving a call. The plumber should be asked about the approximate time needed for completing the entire repairing task.

Warranty Claim

Inquire about the warranty on both the plumbing service and the replaced plumbing parts. The hired plumber should mention the warranty offered on his services done for the client, how can it be claimed, and on what grounds it may become void.

Client Reviews & Feedback

Do some research on the plumbers on your shortlist to get some feedback. Many homeowners and customers will submit online reviews based on their positive and negative experiences with plumbers and contractors, so it’s a good idea to look for these reviews to see what others are saying about the plumbers you’re considering hiring. Look for recurring themes, such as remarks on the plumber’s costs, efficiency, or professionalism, if there are any.

Spare-parts Availability

Hiring a plumber carrying all the necessary spare parts with him during an emergency can be a life-saver. As most hardware stores are typically closed at late night, it is better to have all the necessary replacement plumbing parts at hand, saving time and money in terms of labor charges.