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In sunny San Diego, it’s hard to believe that mold can be an issue. But, mold thrives anywhere there is lack of air circulation in moist and dark areas. The most common areas these conditions are met are in bathrooms. If not ventilated by an exhaust fan or an open window, you will notice mold appearing on window sills, the areas caulked in a tub or shower enclosure and even the ceiling of the bathroom. This is commonly not hazardous and requires simple cleaning with Clorox bleach or other cleaning products. However, mold associated from a water leak, sewer leak or flooding needs immediate attention and at times professional testing from a mold specialist to make sure that the room is clear of any contaminates and the air you breathe is safe.

Mold & Moisture Inspection

The first process with any flood once the water has been extracted is to take a moisture reading and find out what the moisture levels are. With the right conditions, mold can germinate and grow on any surface. Our experts will determine the scope of the damage and recommend a clean-out. In some cases, we may even recommend removing and replacing damaged structural supports. Our team of experts includes clean out specialists as well as licensed contractors who can repair walls and any other area of your home that may be damaged by mold.

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Hazardous Mold Containment

If our specialists detect hazardous mold in your home or business, we will seal the area into a “containment room”. By setting a containment room up, this allows Emory’s mold restoration technicians to freely work while keeping the room sealed and not contaminating other areas of your home or business. Our highly trained technicians wear protective disposable clothing, gloves and respirators throughout the process. The containment room also helps keep the rest of your home clean from what we call “tear out” or you may also know it better as the demolition process. The contaminated materials are placed in plastic hazardous material bags and all other debris is removed safely from the job site.

Once everything has been removed, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers are placed within the area. This assists with the dry out period making the process go faster and efficiently. When the area is completely dry, Emory’s mold remediation technicians come in and thoroughly clean the contaminated area with sanders, wire brushes and anti-microbial agents. Once the area is clean a mold specialist is called out to perform tests and determines if the mold has been completely removed from the contaminated area. After we receive clearance from the mold specialist, the process has been completed and final touches of restoration may continue. All demolition and restoration is done by an Emory technician with years of experience specializing in this process.

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If you are experiencing mold issues or just had a flood, big or small, call the experts with years of experience. Emory’s mold restoration team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us if you want the best service with peace of mind.

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