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The Emory Plumbing team of drain and repair specialists provide a vast array of services to solve the most difficult and demanding commercial and residential needs. We have all the equipment, experience, and knowledge to solve all drain problems.

What is a Drain Snake & How Does It Work?

A drain snake or plumbing auger is a metal tube that is long and flexible. It is used to push through a drain until it reaches a clog, and then pushes through whatever is stopping up the pipe. It can be used to go through all types of drains such as clean-outs, toilets, tubs and sinks of every kind.

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How Emory Plumbing in San Diego Can Help

If you’re having problems with roots in your line or clogged drains, call Emory Plumbing and we will give you the best options available to handle your situation. Not only does Emory Plumbing have a wide variety of machines that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, we have our extensively trained plumbing technicians who take special care in resolving all of your drain problems. We have been snaking drains for San Diego residents for over 65 years.

Drain Clearing Solutions 24/7 in San Diego, CA

Do you own multiple properties? Our property management rates start at just Read more about our accounts services.

Are you having reoccurring problems with a clogged drain or interested in a drain snaking? If so contact your trusted local plumber, our rates start at . Or if you are interested in a long-term resolution to a clogged drain, Call Emory Plumbing at (858) 483-6880 to schedule your drain snaking service.

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