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The Emory Plumbing team of drain and repair specialists provide a vast array of services to solve the most difficult and demanding commercial and residential needs. We have all the equipment, experience, and knowledge to solve all drain problems.

A drain snake, sometimes called a plumbing auger, is a long, flexible metal tube that is used to unclog drains. How it works is that it pushes through the clog so that water can flow again. Drain snakes can be used on many plumbing types, including sinks, tubs, and toilets. It is even enough for old pipes that can’t handle more abrasive techniques.

Although drain snaking is pretty gentle, even for old pipes, it’s still best to leave the technique to skilled professionals. Without the proper technique, it can be difficult to snake your drain effectively and bust up the clog. 

To ensure your clog gets removed properly, trust the professionals here at Emory Plumbing. Emory Plumbing has decades’ worth of experience in clearing drains and drain snaking services in San Diego. As a result, you can trust our team with getting your drains in working order again.

With the help of our comprehensive team, your drain can be cleared in no time so that you can use your plumbing without a problem. To try out our clogged drain services for yourself, contact Emory Plumbing today and get a free quote

What is a Drain Snake & How Does It Work?

A drain snake or plumbing auger is a metal tube that is long and flexible. It is used to push through a drain until it reaches a clog, and then pushes through whatever is stopping up the pipe. It can be used to go through all types of drains such as clean-outs, toilets, tubs and sinks of every kind.

Services for a Clogged or Blocked Drain

A clogged drain can be caused by a number of items. Hair, foreign objects, and mineral buildup can all cause your drain to become clogged and blocked. Although there are many techniques for removing a blocked drain, drain snaking services tend to be the most reliable and gentle. They are even gentle enough on old plumbing systems.

Even so, there are some clogs that require more heavy-duty work. It’s important to trust professionals to unclog your drain so that they can select the best declogging technique based on the clog and pipe system at hand.

Emory Plumbing offers comprehensive clogged drain services and blocked drain services. These services will unclog any drain in your building. We even offer drain repair services in the case that the clog has permanently damaged the drains in some way.

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How Emory Plumbing in San Diego Can Help

If you’re having problems with roots in your line or clogged drains, call Emory Plumbing and we will give you the best options available to handle your situation. Not only does Emory Plumbing have a wide variety of machines that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, we have our extensively trained plumbing technicians who take special care in resolving all of your drain problems. We have been snaking drains for San Diego residents for over 65 years.

Drain Clearing Solutions 24/7 in San Diego, CA

Do you own multiple properties? Our property management rates start at just Read more about our accounts services.

Are you having reoccurring problems with a clogged drain or interested in a drain snaking? If so contact your trusted local plumber, our rates start at . Or if you are interested in a long-term resolution to a clogged drain, Call Emory Plumbing at (858) 483-6880 to schedule your drain snaking service.

Our Drain Snaking Services in Southern California

Because of how gentle drain snaking is, Emory Plumbing offers drain snaking services for old drains and mild clogs. Our technicians are skilled in using the drain snake to find the clog and remove it effectively. 

In addition to comprehensive declogging services, Emory Plumbing offers top customer service. We take pride in our job and want to treat every resident in the San Diego area as a valued customer. As a result, you can trust the team at Emory Plumbing to treat you with the respect you deserve, all while unclogging your drains.

Emergency Services 

Do you need help overnight or during the weekend? No problem. Emory Plumbing offers emergency drain repair services and drain clearing solutions 24/7. Our 24/7 repair options are available for residential and commercial properties to ensure your plumbing is working again in no time.

You can get a free quote about our services right now. Just fill out our quick inquiry form, and we will provide you with a free quote so you can know how much you will pay before we even visit your home.

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If you have a clog in your drain, contact Emory Plumbing for our drain snaking services. Our clogged drain services are equipped with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the clog cause and determine the best course of action. For old pipes, we will try the drain snaking method.

To learn more about our blocked drain services or to schedule an appointment, contact Emory Plumbing today at 858-483-6880. We are available 24 hours a day to help your building’s plumbing get back to tip-top shape in no time.