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Drain Maintenance in San Diego Since 1944

Every home and most commercial properties have water drain lines. These lines are used to carry sewage and waste water out of our properties. Keeping our drains clean helps to keep these lines clear and flowing properly, which is essential for a happy and healthy home. When drains go ignored, bacteria and other debris can collect and cause flooding, which can lead to damaged floors, walls and other areas of your property.

Our Process

Emory Plumbing provides preventative drain maintenance solutions to help you avoid drain issues before they occur. Keeping up on regular drain cleaning can prevent drains from clogging and flooding. For the best prevention of clogged lines, we recommend home and property owners have their sink drains, tubs, and shower drains professionally cleaned once a year. By utilizing a regularly scheduled camera inspection or drain line cleaning service, you can rest assured that your drains will flow correctly and efficiently.

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Our San Diego Drain Maintenance Services

Emory Plumbing is a family owned and operated company that has provided San Diego with quality plumbing services for over 65 years. Our carefully selected plumbing technicians are not only extremely qualified, but also share the same ethics and standards that we value and expect. San Diegans know that when they choose Emory Plumbing the job will get done right the first time, ensuring the best overall experience for our customers. For all of your plumbing needs make sure to keep Emory in your memory!

Emory Plumbing also offers emergency service repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Would you like to schedule a plan for your drain cleaning? Call Emory Plumbing at (858) 483-6880 today and we will set up a program tailored to your specific needs.

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