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atural gas is odorless. However, the gas companies add a scent similar to rotten eggs so that leaks can be detected. It is important to act quickly if you smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak. Follow these steps:

  • Leave the premises immediately, opening doors and extinguishing any open flames if possible.
  • Do not turn any light switches off or on, and do not unplug or plug in any electrical appliances. This can cause a spark that could set off a gas fire.
  • From a neighbor’s phone, call SDG&E’s emergency number (1-800-611-7343) or 9-1-1. Using a phone in your own home can also cause a spark.
  • Do not light matches or smoke near your home. In addition, be careful with some flashlights as turning them on could cause a spark.
  • Do not re-enter your home until a gas company official has inspected the premises, made any necessary repairs and deemed it safe.Gas Leak Prevention

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Our San Diego Gas Leak Prevention & Detection Services

In order to prevent a gas leak, it is important to make sure all of your gas appliances are properly installed and vented, kept clean, and in good working order. Annual inspections by a qualified San Diego gas leak technician are also recommended. To reduce the chance of fire, make sure to keep all combustible materials away from water heaters, furnaces, ranges and other gas appliances.

If you would like additional peace of mind, an easy to install gas detector unit can be purchased from home centers for around $35 to $50. Typical gas detectors will identify propane and methane gas. A separate detector is needed for carbon monoxide (around $40-$50). Gas detectors are especially recommended for those with a diminished sense of smell and the elderly. To make an appointment with a qualified San Diego gas leak technician, call (858) 483-6880.