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Exhaust fans are an important part of your HVAC unit. Their job is to pull moisture, fumes, and odors from different areas of the home. The fans will bring these unwanted substances outside of the home so you can breathe easily and freely. Over time, these exhaust fans get dirty, though, as well as the ducts. When this happens, the exhaust fan ducts will not work as well as they should, and you may experience mold, humidity, allergies, or stale odor in your home.

To combat these problems, it’s important to invest in exhaust fan duct cleaning. Exhaust fan duct cleaning helps to clean out these ducts so they stay in working condition. Through routine maintenance and exhaust and plumbing vent cleaning, you can proactively fight the unwanted and pesky scenarios above.

It’s important not to attempt duct cleaning on your own, though. Instead, it’s best to hire professionals who know what they’re doing and can clean the area safely and efficiently. Emory Plumbing offers top-notch exhaust and plumbing vent cleaning services to ensure your home stays clean and odor-free.

Our Duct Inspection Process

A simple inspection and maintenance process of these air born irritants may be all you need. Emory Plumbing and Heating experienced technicians can clean and maintain ductwork, dryer vents, duct lines, inlet/return ports, indoor fans/blowers, central vacuum lines and exhaust fan ducts.

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Vent Cleaning Services in San Diego

By cleaning and maintaining ducts, allergens are reduced and the efficiency of the equipment increases. For example, have you ever noticed that sometimes your clothes dryer doesn’t seem to be drying the way it did when you first bought it? Depending on the age of the machine it could be as simple as the dryer duct is clogged with lent or a sock or some unknown item. Our Emory Plumbing and Heating technicians will come and evaluate the problem and either clean and clear the duct, or suggest replacing it, making your dryer work like it is brand new.

Since 1944, Emory Plumbing and Heating has decades of experience in air duct and dryer duct cleaning. When you’ve had enough sneezing, runny noses, headaches, nausea, stale or dusty air, have an Emory Plumbing and Heating technician come out today. They will inspect ductwork/ air quality, walls, exhaust systems, indoor ceilings, boilers, blocked condensate drains and clean, repair or replace whatever your systems needs to return to the freedom of comfortably enjoying your home again. We know you will benefit from having your ducts cleaned so contact San Diego’s duct cleaning specialist today, 1-855-MYEMORY.

How to Clean an Exhaust Fan Duct

Our vent cleaning services in San Diego are a three-step process. It involves pre-inspection, cleaning, and post-inspection. These three steps ensure that the duct is cleaned properly from start to finish.

  1. Pre-Inspection. Whenever we first arrive at your home, we will inspect your duct system and exhaust fan. This inspection is to determine the condition of this system and the best course of action for the cleaning process. 
  2. Cleaning. From our pre-inspection, we will know the best way to clean your exhaust fan duct so that it is clean once again. Our technicians are highly skilled in effectively and safely cleaning the fan system. Our technicians will determine how to clean your exhaust fan duct based on its condition determined during the pre-inspection. 
  3. Post-Inspection. The last part of the process is post-inspection. With post-inspection, our technicians will look through their work a second time to ensure nothing was missed. This post-inspection just ensures that we did everything properly so you get your money’s worth from the service. 

If you want to know how to clean the exhaust fan duct, our technicians will be happy to walk you through the process based on the condition of your system.

Vent Cleaning Services in San Diego

Here at Emory Plumbing, we mean business when it comes to exhaust and plumbing vent cleaning. We have been a top HVAC and plumbing company in San Diego for nearly 65 years. Because of this experience, we know the ins and outs of duct cleaning. We know exactly what to look for and what to do based on a variety of conditions.

We even offer other similar services to duct clearing and cleaning, such as air purification, electronic air cleaners, and dryer vent cleaning. All of these services ensure that you can breathe easily in your own home. When paired with duct cleaning, you will get the best results. 

The technicians at Emory Plumbing will go the extra mile to ensure you get the customer support you deserve as well. As a family-operated company, it’s important to us that we provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t get anywhere else.

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If you think that your exhaust or plumbing vents are getting clogged up, contact Emory Plumbing. Emory Plumbing will be able to clean out your vents so that the air flows freely and takes the pollutants outside of your home. Contact us at 858-483-6880 to set up an appointment today.