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Radiant heating is a system that uses hot water coils beneath a concrete slab. Radiant floor heating systems are commonly associated with cold weather climates, but even in San Diego it has become very popular.

Supplemental Radiant Heating Systems

There are other types of Radiant floor heating systems that are placed on top of the current concrete slab or raised foundation. Although this should not be used as your main heating system, it will bring the chill of any room down and decrease reliance on an actual heater system. These systems are also ideal for homes with large floor spaces with tile or hardwood. How nice would it be to step out of your shower in the morning and instead of being shocked by the icy cold tile, have a nice soothing warm floor to stand on while you dry yourself off and get ready? This system is easy to install and repair and there is NO jack hammering needed.

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Radiant Heating Repairs

Radiant ceiling heat is also very common in many homes throughout San Diego County. In the 1970’s many apartments and condominiums were equipped with this type of heating system. Many over the years have become dysfunctional because wiring has been cut, either on purpose or on accident. It takes a highly trained and qualified technician to figure out where the line has been cut and repair it so that you have full use of your heating system.

San Diego Local Radiant Heating Experts

Emory Plumbing and Heating is your leader in the San Diego area for radiant heating. We employ technicians who have been trained and certified in radiant heating installation and repair. We have many years of experience in installing and repairing every type of radiant heating system all over San Diego county. When it comes to deciding who you want to service your radiant heating system, choose the best in the San Diego, Emory Plumbing.

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