San Diego Gas Line Repair Services

Gas Repiping Services in San Diego Since 1944

When it comes to gas pipe repair and replacement, Emory Plumbing has been a leader in San Diego for many years. Our attention to detail and wide variety of products carried, San Diegans can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality work. You will get a safe and competitively priced pipe replacement, using products that are built to last.

Our Repiping Process

Our technicians at Emory Plumbing are well trained in threading procedures that ensure safety for you and your home. Our professional pipe threading equipment enables us to handle any threading needs on traditional steel gas piping systems.

It is important that our customers gain from the newest plumbing technologies, and Emory Plumbing is continually at the forefront of the new technologies available in gas pipe replacement. As a result, homes throughout San Diego County can now benefit from new Polyethelene Pipe (PE) for underground gas lines, as well as the new Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) or Trac-pipe for above ground applications. New products like these not only provide long lasting material for your job, they reduce labor costs as well.

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Our San Diego Gas Line Repair Services

At Emory Plumbing our technicians are extensively trained in conjunction with the manufacturer’s guidelines before they are allowed to install these new products, ensuring only the highest quality service. To inquire about gas re-piping services, call your trusted San Diego plumbers at (858) 483-6880.

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