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When it comes to gas pipe repair and replacement, Emory Plumbing has been a leader in San Diego for many years. Our attention to detail and wide variety of products carried, San Diegans can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality work. You will get a safe and competitively priced pipe replacement, using products that are built to last.

Gas line breaks are a serious problem. They can pose a serious danger to yourself, your loved ones, and your home. You can suffocate if too much of the gas is inhaled. If a fire is lit or a device causes a spark, the house could even go up in flames from the gas in the air. 

Because of how dangerous gas line breaks are, it’s imperative to get the issue fixed right away. Better yet, it’s great to fix any eroding pipes before they become a safety hazard to you and your home. 

Gas leaks are fixed through gas line repair. Gas line repiping is a serious procedure that requires skilled technicians. Because of how dangerous working with gas pipes can be, only trust skilled professionals who truly know what they are doing, such as the technicians here at Emory Plumbing.

Emory Plumbing offers gas line repair in San Diego and Southern California. Our gas line repiping services will ensure that your home and family members are protected after a gas leak. If you suspect that gas is leaking from your gas lines, contact Emory Plumbing right away to get the issue fixed.

Our Repiping Process

Our technicians at Emory Plumbing are well trained in threading procedures that ensure safety for you and your home. Our professional pipe threading equipment enables us to handle any threading needs on traditional steel gas piping systems.

It is important that our customers gain from the newest plumbing technologies, and Emory Plumbing is continually at the forefront of the new technologies available in gas pipe replacement. As a result, homes throughout San Diego County can now benefit from new Polyethelene Pipe (PE) for underground gas lines, as well as the new Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) or Trac-pipe for above ground applications. New products like these not only provide long lasting material for your job, they reduce labor costs as well.

What is Gas Line Repiping?

Gas lines are designed to be heavy-duty and long-lasting. The purpose of these pipes is to allow gas to be used in the home safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, these lines can become damaged over time, which causes gas leaks. Some signs of a gas leak include the smell of natural gas or the hissing sound from gas escaping from the pipe.

Whenever gas leaks are suspected and found, gas line repiping is required. Gas line repiping is the procedure of replacing your existing pipes with new ones without a leak. 

Gas line repair in San Diego is especially needed on old homes are buildings built over 55 years ago. Most of these lines contain galvanized gas pipes or zinc-coated iron pipes. As these pipes get older, the lining erodes and forms rust. This rust begins to eat away at the line and causes the leak. It’s imperative that gas line repiping happens as soon as the deterioration process on the line begins, or else you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

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Our San Diego Gas Line Repair Services

At Emory Plumbing our technicians are extensively trained in conjunction with the manufacturer’s guidelines before they are allowed to install these new products, ensuring only the highest quality service. To inquire about gas re-piping services, call your trusted San Diego plumbers at (858) 483-6880.

Our San Diego Gas Line Repair Services

Emory Plumbing offers top gas line repair in San Diego. Our gas repiping services will ensure that your home and family members are protected from a dangerous gas leak. 

To ensure optimal service and safety, all Emory Plumbing technicians are extensively trained in threading procedures. They are also equipped with the newest plumbing technologies so we provide the most up-to-date and safe services available. Whether you want polyethylene pipes for underground lines or corrugated stainless steel tubing for above-ground applications, we have you covered.

All the while, we pride ourselves on our customer service. As a family-owned business, we want to treat every customer with the respect and service they deserve. That is why we handpick every technician to ensure they offer great customer support in addition to skills and abilities.

Furthermore, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs. These emergency repairs ensure that your family is safe, even if a gas leak occurs outside of regular business hours.

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If you suspect that your gas lines are eroding or susceptible to a gas leak, call Emory Plumbing today. Our skilled technicians can ensure that your gas lines are functioning properly and working to protect your home and loved ones from any dangerous scenarios.

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