Has Your Home or Office Fell Victim to Water Damage?

Water damage is always considered a high priority because it can quickly destroy foundations, walls or entire structures. Our expert team of water extractors and building restorers are able to analyze the damage done by water. They base their findings on the length of time the water has had to affectively damage the structure, the temperature of the damaged material and help to determine if there were any pre-existing conditions.

Our Flood/Water Damage Restoration Process

If a flood happens in your San Diego home, our reliable team of experts will extract all standing water to help expedite the drying process to avoid mold issues and structural damage. Large commercial dehumidifiers will be placed in your home to help to extract moisture in the air which will help the structure to dry out more efficiently. Our extraction and evaporation techniques always meet and exceed the industry standards for water restoration.

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Flood damage requires immediate attention and our specialists can help lower overall damage and costs of repair if we can get to your flooded home or business as soon as possible. We make sure the job is done right the first time and at the lowest cost for our clients. For over 65 years, Emory Plumbing and Heating has assisted San Diego in flood damage restoration. We offer complete clean-out and restoration services, to restore your home to its original condition. Whether it’s clean water, sewer water or any other types of contaminated water, give Emory Plumbing and Heating a call today.

Once the cause of the problem has been fixed, Emory Plumbing and Heating, a certified technician, can easily remediate the damage for your San Diego home or San Diego business restoring it back to its original condition.

Whether it be clean water, sewer water or any other types of contaminated water, give the true San Diego experts a call today and put your home in the hands of the company you have trusted since 1944, Emory Plumbing and Heating, now with a Fire, Flood & Mold Restoration Department.

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