How to Find a Good Plumber Near Me in San Diego

How to Find a Good Plumber Near Me in San Diego

If you’re having issues with the plumbing in your home and you’ve tried everything you can to solve it yourself, then it’s probably time to hire a plumber. Of course, finding a good plumber can be tricky.  A good plumber should be insured, licensed, and come with great reviews from former customers.  If you’re looking for a plumber in San Diego, make sure you check for these qualities:

1.  Licensed Professionals 

A plumbing license is essential in order to practice plumbing in California.  Beware of anyone who is attempting to work and doesn’t have one; especially those who claim that they’re in the process of applying for a license or that they have an out of state license.  Licensure means that a plumber has been reviewed by the state of the California, and that he or she does not have a record of criminal offenses.  If a plumber doesn’t have a license, you need to ask what they are hiding.

2. Insured & Trusted

Just like any other job in the world, accidents can happen.  If a plumber doesn’t have insurance, that means he or she can sue you and your homeowner’s insurance if they get hurt on your property.  Good plumbers don’t put their clients in that position, and take out insurance.

3.  Good Reviews in San Diego

The old way of finding a plumber was by asking your friends who they knew.  Today, we have online reviews.  While you should be aware that these aren’t always the most reliable source, be aware of any plumber with a lot of negative reviews, or reviews that all complain about the same issue.  If he or she is late getting to appointments, they’ll likely be late for yours too.  Similarly, be aware of any plumber with nothing but five star reviews.  If no one has ever had any type of criticism for a plumber, odds are the reviews are being left by family and friends, not actual clients. 

4.  24/7 Availability in San Diego

A plumber should be able to respond to calls and make appointments fairly quickly.  While good plumbers will usually have plenty of work, those who have been in business for a while know that they need to keep their schedule available for emergency calls.  Be aware of plumber who promises to show up “when they can”. While he or she might be a great plumber, if they can’t give you an appointment time and stick to it you’re going to have problems scheduling things around them.  

5. Compassionate & Patient Plumbers in San Diego

A good plumber should be able to accurately diagnose the issue you’re having and tell you what will be involved in fixing it.  If it’s a large job, he or she should have no issue with you asking for a quote and looking at the quotes of other plumbers.  Professionals realize that this is part of doing business.  Be very wary of plumbers who promise you a good price if you do the work that day, or those who get angry or upset if you tell them you want to shop around.  A good plumber will know that he or she quoted a fair price for the work, and have enough other clients that it’s not crucial for them to work on your project that day.

Find the Best Plumber Near Me in San Diego with Emory Plumbing

If you’re on the look out for plumbing services in San Diego, it’s crucial that you make sure the plumber you select is honest, licensed, and insured.  At My Emory Plumbing, we strive to make every appointment a great experience for our customers.  You can rely on us to accurately diagnose your problem, and give you a fair price to get it fixed.  If you’re looking for a plumber in San Diego, give our office a call today.