Here Is How Water Can Damage a House Foundation and How to Identify Problems

Here Is How Water Can Damage a House Foundation and How to Identify Problems

A house foundation is a platform that holds a home together, providing a critical base to properly insulate and protect the structure from moisture. Water can erode the foundation over time and the stability of the house.

That is why it is important to prevent water from damaging the foundation, which can experience cracks, instability, and ultimately failure from water damage in the most serious of cases. If you ask, can water damage the house foundation, continue reading to learn how and how to identify problems early.

Can water damage a house’s foundation?

Of course, the answer is yes. Water can damage a home’s foundation in a number of ways. But there also are ways to resolve the problem and fix the damage if you identify it soon enough.

First, it is important to understand: how can water cause foundation problems? Water saturates the soil all around your house, weakening its ability to handle the weight of the home and foundation over time. This can occur during severe rain, floods, snow melts, plumbing problems and damaged water lines.

Excessive water can create hydrostatic pressure around the foundation, which can cause the foundation to fracture or bend. This leads to foundation leakage.

Excessive water can also lead to the expansion of the soil around the foundation after minerals absorb the water. This pushes the soil against the foundation, which also can cause fractures in the walls or floor. As the soil dries, it shrinks from the foundation. This expansion and shrinkage cycle puts stress on the foundation, which can damage the house.

Water also erodes the soil, which over time can lead to foundation settling. This happens slowly and can weaken the foundation before the typical homeowner even knows to ask: can water damage the house foundation?

If you are wondering how long it takes for water to damage a house’s foundation, the answer is it can vary. In some cases, the damage may take years to surface and in other cases of significant flooding or stormwater, it can occur more quickly. That’s why it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Emory Plumbing offers professional inspection services in San Diego to look for signs of water damage to the foundation. In an area known for its occasional storms, fires and floods, Emory Plumbing provides expert analysis and diagnosis of potential foundation water damage or potential damage that can be avoided. No need to wonder, “Can water cause foundation problems?” Contact Emory Plumbing to learn more.

What are signs of water damage to a foundation?

There are signs of water damage to a foundation that many homeowners do not realize suggest potential danger.

The most obvious signs are the foundation and wall cracks that can appear both inside and outside of a house. It is not the few hairline cracks that might surface just as a result of the foundation being exposed to the elements. But when there are horizontal cracks or stair-step fractures in block walls or corners, those are signs of water damage to the foundation. These can expand into window sealing, the joints where walls and ceilings meet and around doorways.

Another sign is pooling water in the basement or in a crawlspace. This may be evidence of a plumbing problem caused by bad pipes or equipment, such as a sump pump. It could also be water coming in through foundation fractures. Difficulty opening windows and doors that seem stuck also could be signs of water damage to foundation. In some severe cases, this could be evidence that the foundation shifted, causing problems with the doors and windows aligning correctly.

Mold surfacing in patches also could be evidence of a problem. Even the smell of mold can suggest a problem that is in its early stages, as water and moisture enter through the foundation and penetrates the wood and other materials. You can also look for soggy soil around the house, which may be an early sign of water starting to damage the foundation. 

It is important to contact a professional if you identify any of these signs of foundation water damage. The experts at Emory Plumbing can determine the cause of the problem and offer solutions to protect your home.

Protect your foundation from water damage

If you see any signs of excessive water or foundation damage, contact Emory Plumbing immediately to remedy the problem. Emory Plumbing has served San Diego since 1944 as one of the largest, affordable plumbing companies. As a family-owned business that takes pride in serving the community, Emory Plumbing has earned a reputation for its expertise in diagnosing and solving plumbing and water problems for homeowners.