How to Fix a Broken Sewer Pipe Under the House

The plumbing system in your home is one of the crucial core functions, and it brings fresh, potable water into the home while carrying out contaminated wastewater. The wastewater is frequently routed out of the home with a sewer pipe, but when this sewer pipe breaks it can cause a catastrophic breakdown in the flow of your home’s plumbing. Being able to find these sewage issues early can mean a much more economical fix for the sewer line, but overall, prevention is the most effective. 

One of the biggest challenges is being able to tell the difference between a clogged drain pipe and a broken sewer pipe. Some of the symptoms for both can coincide, such as a foul odor coming from one or more drains, or having water backed up in various basins of the home. If you have more than one drain that is having problems, however, the signs might be pointing to a broken sewer pipe.

How To Tell That You Have A Broken Sewer Pipe

While there may be many other indications, some of the most common indications that the sewer pipe under your house is broken are:

  • The persistent smell of sewer gas
  • A drastic drop in water pressure
  • Damp spots in your yard or around your home
  • Drains that are constantly slow or prone to clogging

What To Do About A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

If you believe there may be a broken sewer pipe under your house, there are a few things that you may be able to do. The first thing is to try and remove or unclog any blockages that may be in the line. Even though they’re large, these lines can become clogged for any number of reasons, such as accumulations of old soap, grease from the kitchen sink, and more. Often a consumer-grade snake will be able to help the situation.

If you have a soggy spot in your yard, often accompanied by ample amounts of bugs, you’ve probably found the spot where the damaged pipe is. However, to appropriately evaluate the condition of the pipe, you will want to work with a local plumber. Many homes in the area have cast iron, Orangeburg, or clay sewer pipes that just can’t stand up to high pressures over time, particularly when they become more brittle over time.

How To Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe Under The House

First, we’ll need to address the elephant in the room. Even if you understand the process of fixing the broken sewer pipe under your house, that doesn’t mean that it is possible, or even legal, for the average DIYer to work on it. The first challenge is that most areas will not allow anyone that isn’t a licensed plumber to work on drain or sewer pipes that are outside of the home. 

Not only is it difficult and specialized work that needs specially trained individuals, but it can require heavy equipment that the average person simply isn’t going to have easy access to. The easiest way to handle a broken sewer pipe and get it fixed is to work with a trusted local plumber like Emory.

Partner With A Trusted San Diego Plumbing Expert For Your Sewer Pipe Needs

If you feel that it may be time to call a professional plumber for your sewer pipe repairs, Emory is here for you. Not only can we get the problem fixed, but we do it quickly and with years of experience behind us. For more information on getting repairs made to your sewer pipe, reach out and discuss your situation with a member of our expert local team.