How to Choose a Plumber

Homeowners often have a long list of projects that need to get done, and often a number of them are plumbing-related. The tasks often get added to a chore list or project list that is sometimes years in the making, and in many situations this causes the tasks to get put off time and time again. Eventually, many homeowners realize that the smartest way to take care of all of their plumbing issues without sacrificing all of their weekends is to work with a professional plumber.

Choosing a plumber can be complicated, however, and many people simply don’t know what to ask ahead of time to make sure they’re working with a reliable, trusted plumber. We’re going to look at some of the questions that homeowners should ask before working with anyone, and why those questions are important. In the end, we’ll point you to someone in the area that can provide expert plumbing services for your projects.

How To Choose A Plumber – Questions To Ask

Here is a list of common questions that you should ask your potential plumber. Be ready to walk away if answers to some of the more important questions are challenging to obtain.

Are They Licensed

This is the first and likely most important question. Your plumber needs to be licensed to operate a plumbing business in the state and local municipality. If your potential plumber isn’t licensed to operate as a plumber, there is a good chance that they aren’t a legitimate business, which could lead to many other possible problems.

Are They Bonded & Insured

This is another important question and one that indicates whether or not you could face financial and legal liabilities from hiring the plumber. If they answer in the affirmative, they should be ready to provide you with documentation that serves as proof or evidence of the insurance. There should be no pushback or “why would you need that”-style responses to this question. 

Who Will Do The Work

Ask if the plumber themselves or direct employees will be performing the work, or if it will be subcontractors. If it will be subcontractors, ask about their credentials and qualifications. Too many companies farm their work out to subcontractors that don’t care about the job.

How Long Will The Work Take

This is an important question that will come into play more often for extensive plumbing jobs. When starting an extensive job, there should be a clear expectation not only of how long the project will take, but what can be done in the event of the job taking longer. This should all be spelled out in the contract before beginning any work.

What Is The Estimated Total

Most qualified and reliable plumbers will be able to easily estimate costs for your project once they see what the project requires. While they may need to see it in person before estimating, no plumber should need an open-ended work order.

Are Labor Rates Fixed Or Hourly

Make sure you know how the labor costs are calculated before getting involved with anything, or you could face some considerable surprises when it’s time to wrap up the project. If they are hourly, make sure you get an hour estimate for the project, assuming the pipes are able to be easily accessed.

Partner With One Of The Leading Plumbing Experts

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