Benefits of Air Purification Services

Now, more than ever, home and business owners are looking to air purifier services as another layer of protection against airborne viruses that cause serious health issues. And, if occupants are suffering from any type of respiratory illness such as allergies, asthma, or COPD, the quality of indoor air becomes even more critical.

Emory Plumbing provides a range of air purification services aimed at improving the quality of your home’s indoor air. We start with the cleaning of your HVAC ducts and replacing the air filters when necessary. Next, we discuss with homeowners the latest in air purifier systems that are proven to kill up to 99.9999% of airborne pollutants like viruses along with the bacteria and germs that live on surfaces.

How indoor air becomes contaminated

Poor indoor air quality is also due to environmental issues. Urban homeowners are exposed to higher levels of road traffic that increase the amount of vehicle emissions that can enter the home and degrade the ambient air quality. According to the EPA, there are other contributing factors that cause indoor air to have viral contaminants, allergens, and chemical pollutants, including:

  • airborne viruses (cold, flu, Covid)
  • the use of tobacco products
  • hidden moisture and condensation
  • tree pollen, mold spores, pet dander
  • nearby construction sites
  • household cleaning products
  • off-gassing of materials (VOCs)
  • high temperatures and high humidity
  • inadequate ventilation
  • fireplace and chimney particulates
  • dust from unpaved roads and rural lots
  • radon, pesticides, asbestos
  • dirty HVAC systems

If you are concerned about breathing pollutants that are entering your home, then call Emory Plumbing for an assessment of your indoor quality, HVAC duct and vent cleaning, and air purification services.

About Air Purification Systems

Emory Plumbing offers two different types of cutting-edge air purification systems that have proven to reduce airborne pollution by 98% up to 99%. Electronic air cleaners will ionize air coming into the system, causing particles in the air to be electrically charged. When the air exits the system, it must pass through collector plates that have the opposite charge to the surrounding air.

The result is cleaner air from an air purification system that is easy to maintain. Simply remove the air cleaner’s filter, wash and dry (some filters can even be put in your dishwasher), then reinstall into the air purifier.

Emory can also install the newest type of UV light air purifiers that are proven to destroy the DNA of airborne pollutants like mold, bacteria, and disease-causing pathogens. These systems emit UVC light (also known as germicidal lamps) can inactivate germs and viruses like COVID, SARS, influenza, the common cold, and a long list of other germs that are airborne or reside on surfaces.

UV light air purifiers are available in table-top models that clean air within a limited area and wall-mounted units that clean the air in an entire room. The whole house UVC air purifier is mounted inline with your home’s HVAC unit. Harmful contaminants are destroyed as air enters or leaves your residential HVAC system to dramatically improve indoor air quality.

Emory Air Purification Services

If you want your family to breathe in cleaner air or to reduce employee absenteeism due to the spread of germs and viruses, then Emory Plumbing air purification services can help! We install the most current air purifier technology that is EPA-approved to kill disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Clean indoor air is directly linked to a healthier lifestyle. Research has shown that eliminating harmful airborne contaminants can contribute to a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, benefits anti-aging, can contribute to better home exercise, and can even improve our thinking and emotions while in the home.

San Diego is considered one of the best places in America to live! But, if the quality of your indoor air is low, then reach out to Emory Plumbing for duct cleaning and other air purification services like UV-C Light Air Purifiers and electrostatic air cleaners. Air purification services can alleviate allergies and other respiratory issues that are caused by nature and are circulated in the dust that moves through our homes and through your HVAC system.

These include pollen, mold spores, dust mites, human skin cells, hair, and pest debris – air contaminants that are naturally present in all indoor air where people and/or pets reside. Emory will consider all points in your air handling systems, including fans and duct work to make sure they are clean and effective at circulating indoor air. Next, we make sure that the air that is distributed is filtered and conditioned at strategic points within the house for the highest quality of indoor air.