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hot-water-recirculation-systemTired of wasting water, waiting for the water in your kitchen or bath to get hot? Recirculation systems are an innovative way to get instant hot water in your home. These systems use a pump to move water from your water heater to fixtures throughout your home or business.

Traditional recirculation systems use a small pump and a dedicated return line that runs from the furthest fixture in the house back to the water heater. This “hot water loop” will always be hot when the pump is running, so when you turn on a fixture the hot water is instantly hot. Thermostats and timers can be installed to control the operating time of the pump.

Several retrofit recirculation systems are now available, using the cold water lines to act as the return line. These systems enable us to provide the convenience of hot water recirculation at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Recirculation systems can be activated by programming a thermostat, timer or motion sensor. They can also be activated manually by pressing a button, so you can get hot water whenever you need it. These systems are designed to instantly provide hot water to every fixture, no matter how far away from the water heater. Whether operated manually or automatically, recirculation systems reduce the amount of hot water wasted. However, if the system is run continuously it could have the opposite effect and use significantly more energy while pumping the hot water.

To find out if a recirculation system is right for you, call San Diego’s experts at Emory Plumbing. We have been serving both residential and commercial properties for over 65 years. Call (858) 483-6880 to talk to your trusted San Diego plumber today!

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