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heater-repairSan Diego’s Heating Repair Experts Since 1944

Our well trained team of experts are certified to help keep your furnace/heater up and running throughout the cold season. Whether your furnace needs maintenance or you require a new furnace/heater, our specialists are qualified on any brand or model heating unit.
Replace Your Heater With An Efficient Unit

In San Diego, a heater or furnace can be installed in a garage, closet space, attic space or on a roof top. No matter where the system may be located in your home, a certified technician can provide a replacement for you. Emory plumbing can provide you with equipment that has efficiency ratings of 80% or even the new ultra efficient, 90% and greater efficiency models.

San Diego’s leader in heater repairs, Emory Plumbing and Heating has the experts to do repairs in both commercial and residential properties. An Emory Plumbing and Heating technician will work with you to make sure your furnace/heater is in tip top shape.

If you are looking to purchase or repair your heating system, trust the company that so many local San Diego businesses and residential customers have trusted since 1944, Emory Plumbing and Heating.

Contact San Diego’s leading heater repair specialist today, 1-855-MYEMORY.



If you find yourself constantly looking and adjusting the thermostat or getting your monthly utility bill and thinking to yourself it can’t be correct? It could be a sign that your thermostat is not working properly or at all. We can reprogram your system or replace your thermostat to operate when necessary to meet your comfort level.

Radiant Heating

Radiant floor heating is a system that uses hot water coils beneath a concrete slab to heat the home. These heating systems are commonly associated with cold weather climates, but here in San Diego they have become especially popular in new construction and remodels.
Radiant Heating
Radiant Heating

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