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Although some people may not think of plumbing systems as a part of “going green”, water waste is actually one of the easiest things to combat in an effort to make your home more eco-friendly. The earth has a limited supply of water and a constant growing demand. Adding “green” fixtures and plumbing systems to your home will not only help to save the environment, it will also save you money.

Low Flow Toilets

One way to cut back on water use is to install low flow toilets. Although the early low-flow toilets did not have the best reputation for functionality, toilet makers in recent years have put into use many design alterations and innovations. This ensures that new low-flow toilets work efficiently while still using minimal water.

There is also the option of dual-flush toilets. These toilets have two buttons, one for liquid waste, which only uses 0.8 gallons per flush, and a second button for solid waste, which uses 1.6 gallons per flush. Many San Diegans enjoy the flexibility and water conservation that this type of toilet provides.

Low Flow Sinks and Showers

Another simple way to save water is with a low-flow faucet, which can easily be installed in any sink. These faucets provide plenty of water for normal use without overloading the system and/or wasting water. Kitchen sinks are often the cause of household water waste. Installing a spray hose with a handle will help cut down on the amount of water that is often wasted while washing dishes. There is also the high tech option of sensor operated water flow faucets, which prevent water waste while helping to control germs from touching faucets with dirty hands. Installing a low-flow showerhead is a simple way to control the amount of water use.

Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters that have reservoirs keep large amounts of water heated constantly even when there is no demand. These types of water heaters not only waste water, but they also waste large amounts of energy heating the container. Installing a tankless water heater allows hot water to be generated only when it is needed, and eliminates heating element costs during times water is not being used.

Recirculation Systems

Recirculation systems are another option to help cut down on water waste. When used properly, these systems activate during peak usage times to deliver hot water instantly to all fixtures in the residence.


Homeowners often forget about their irrigation system. There are a number of devices that can be installed on most sprinkler systems that use less water.  Some are available that have rain sensors that will stop irrigation if enough rain has fallen to saturate the ground.

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