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Heating Maintanence Benefits

Your home heating system just like your car requires annual inspection and maintenance to keep it running properly and safely. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance when the weather starts getting cold in San Diego. Some of the Important B

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Tune Up Your A/C Unit Before Hot Summer Days

Not sure if you should spring for a professional air conditioning tune-up this year? Experts say it is worth the cost. In fact, it is actually an investment, one that pays for itself in greater comfort and better efficiency. Most people don’t notic

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10 Tips to Lowering Heating Bill This Winter

10 Tips to Lowering Your Heating Bill This Winter With winter in full swing here are some tips to save money on your heating bill This winter’s unusual cold snap across the country has left many residents unprepared for a higher electricity bil

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Tips for Preventing Homes Fires This Winter

It gets cold in winter. And the cost of fuel keeps going up.  That’s why many families are using alternative methods for keeping the house warm and comfortable, and at the same time saving some money. Heating methods can include wood stoves, firep

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10 Tips For Winter Heating

Winter has finally come to San Diego and many homeowners are now firing up their home heaters for the first time this season.  Below are tips to using your heater this season. 10 Heating Tips for Winter  Staying warm during the cold days of winter

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Emory Plumbing Warns Homeowners to Maintain A/C Units

Recently a window air conditioner caught fire, gutting two bedrooms and the attic in the small home in San Diego. Nearby trees also caught fire, causing an overhead electrical wire to crash to the ground. An elderly lady, suffering from smoke inhalat

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HVAC Issues You Should Leave to Professionals

HVAC systems are expensive. It takes energy to run them and the equipment isn’t cheap. Preventive maintenance is a smart way to keep them running in peak condition and extend the lifespan. But what should you be doing yourself? And what should you

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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

6 Benefits of the Tankless Water Heater  Many families are tired of high utility bills. That’s why they are turning to the tankless water heater to help reduce monthly costs. Though not new, these appliances have gained respect over the last decad

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