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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

6 Benefits of the Tankless Water Heater 

Many families are tired of high utility bills. That’s why they are turning to the tankless water heater to help reduce monthly costs. Though not new, these appliances have gained respect over the last decade.

Awareness is increasing about how daily life choices impact the environment. That’s another reason that the energy efficient tankless units are becoming the water heater of choice.

These new appliances are giving consumers new options when it comes time to replace old water heaters. Here is an overview of six benefits that make the tankless water heater a wise purchase. 

Energy Efficiency—Save Money

Tankless units are also called on-demand water heaters because they heat the water only when needed. Consumers don’t have to pay to heat the 40 or 50 gallons in a standard water heater storage tank. For a busy family, that can lower water heater related energy costs by 35% over the course of a year.

The tankless design makes it highly energy efficient. Several models have Energy Star numbers as high as 95. The higher the number, the lower the long-term cost of operating the unit, according to the U.S. Energy Star program.

Another ecologically sound reason to invest in a tankless unit is that it is highly recyclable. When standard water heaters get old and rusty, they end up in the landfill. Parts from a compact tankless unit, with a much different design, are easy to recycle. 

Reliability—Hot Water Fast

Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water.  With normal 40 to 50 gallon water heater tanks, once the hot water is used up you will have to wait for it to re-fill again before use.  With a tankless water heater, because the water cycles through, you have an endless supply of hot water.

A tankless appliance can easily and continuously deliver 5 to 7 gallons of water a minute, at a pre-selected temperature. One caveat is that they definitely need to be sized correctly for the needs of the family in order to deliver water reliably. With the right size, a family can expect to have a continuous supply of water because the unit heats the water as it is needed.

A family isn’t limited by the storage size of a conventional water heater tank. This makes them perfect for large jobs, like filling a whirlpool or hot tub. 

Less Space—Mount on the Wall

Traditional tank water heaters need additional accessories that tankless heater don’t need.  For example, based off the location of where you are planning to put your water heater, codes might require the addition of an enclosure, a stand, and strapping which are all extra costs.

Many homes have limited space for a water heater. This is where the tankless unit shines. It is compact and can even fit on a wall. It can be installed inside the house or outside. 

Clean Water—No Rust 

Over time, traditional water heaters can accumulate rust and scale in the tank. In turn, these materials foul the water that is stored in the tank. The tankless model heats water as it is needed and doesn’t store it, so this is never a worry. 

Durability—Replace Less Often

The tankless water heater, with regular maintenance should last up to 20 years.  It is recommended that the system is serviced once per year to keep warranty valid.  The annual maintenance is necessary to remove scaling.  It only takes about one hour for the system to be serviced.

Tankless water heaters last up to 20 years, which is about double the projected life expectancy of conventional units. These units also offer longer warranties than standard water heaters, usually 15 years versus 6 years. 

Safety—Not Permanently On 

Standard water heaters are almost permanently on to keep their holding tank of water hot and ready for use. That means scalding water can leak out if a crack forms or the appliance deteriorates with age. Scalding water can drip onto the floor, ruining carpets, linoleum and furnishings.

Because the tankless choice doesn’t use a storage tank and heats water just as needed, this is not a concern.

Tankless water heaters are durable, reliable and energy efficient. They provide a family with a steady stream of hot water when it is needed. That lets consumers pay to heat only what they need.





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