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backflow-regulator-preventerThe Uniform Plumbing Code will soon require all properties to have an adequate back-flow preventer in order to eliminate accidental water supply contamination. Municipalities throughout California have been aggressively enforcing this new requirement. Emory Plumbing will install all types of these devices including optional safety cages. We are also experienced and trained to repair and certify your back-flow device in accordance with the water district regulation.

What Are Backflow Preventers?

Back-flow is the unwanted flow of waste water from any home or industrial piping system traveling into the potable, or pure water distribution system. The direction of flow under these conditions is the reverse direction from that intended by the system, and normally assumed by the owner of the system.

How Serious is Backflow?

Any change of system pressure wherein the pressure at the supply point becomes lower than the pressure at the point of use can cause a reversal of flow in the distribution main, or in the customer’s system. In an unprotected situation, the water at the point of use will then be siphoned back into the system, potentially polluting or contaminating the remainder of the system. It is also possible that the contaminated water could continue to back-flow into the public distribution system.

Cross-Connection Points

Cross-connection refers to the point at which it is possible for a non-potable substance to come into contact with the potable drinking water system. In order to prevent back-flow from happening at the point of cross connection a back flow prevention assembly needs to be installed. It is important, however, that the back-flow prevention assembly match the particular hydraulic conditions at that location and is suitable to protect against the degree of hazard present.

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